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AdLandia Podcast | Data Back, Insights Forward

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We've all been chasing ways of measuring and understanding consumer sentiment - but have we been doing it right? That's what Knotch CEO and Co-founder, Anda Gansca, questioned as she started her company. Founded in Silicon Valley and pivoting to support brands, Knotch focuses on tracking consumer feelings via content marketing in real time. Anda schools us on blending art and science to create measurement products with compelling rates of return. We learn about System 1 (feeling) vs. System 2 (analytics), and why we shouldn't converge the two if we really want to know what consumers think. We're talking why CMOs should demand first-party data from partners, and the need to shift from cleaning data sets to analyzing insights. Hear why Anda thinks if you're not using data in real time, you're already behind. Come for why she doesn’t really believe in benchmarks, stay for the #KillBuyDIY.