state of content marketing

Pros & Content Vol. 3

Let us usher you into the age of good content.

We get it, you've been hurt before. You've put out a piece of content and didn't feel the love. In the age of transparency, personalization, and authenticity — it can feel like a daunting, uphill battle to win over the hearts and minds of consumers. Luckily you don't have to have all of the answers, that's what we're here for.

Content marketing is at a turning point. Move forward by learning:

- The "Four Cs" of Content Success
- Benefits of Owned Content Hubs
- Components of a Holistic Content Strategy
- The Secrets Behind the Owned Content Funnel
- How to Measure Content Marketing Success
- And much more (almost too much, you're welcome)

Step into the age of good content today

Knotch is the only independent Content Intelligence Platform that helps content marketers measure the impact the of their content efforts, and impact the outcome, using real-time actionable intelligence.


Discover the creative themes, formats, and partners that resonate with your audience through verified, predictive intelligence.


Understand the impact and performance of your content while knowing how your customers engage, behave, and feel about each piece of your content.


Collect 1st party data to optimize creative and distribution, build real-time strategies, and power DMP and CRM platforms.


Solidify criteria with intelligent data, against which to measure the success of your content investment.