Collect, Own & Action Your Digital Content Data
Knotch is the independent content intelligence platform that helps CMOs and their teams measure and impact the outcome of their content efforts via real-time, actionable intelligence across all of their content investment.
Discover the creative themes, formats, and partners that resonate with your audience through verified, predictive intelligence.
Understand the impact and performance of your content while knowing how your customers engage, behave, and feel around each piece of your content.
Collect 1st party data to optimize creative and distribution, build real-time strategies, and power DMP and CRM platforms.
Solidify criteria with intelligent data, against which to measure the success of your content investment.
Knotch Measurement
Gathering critical data to enhance your content investment
Measurement provides a complete view of your digital content performance. Intelligently, immediately, effectively measure the impact of your content investment. Optimize campaigns, set benchmarks, and gather your customer’s feedback in real-time. Collect, consolidate and optimize your content efforts based on 1st party audience and performance data.
Knotch Blueprint
Bringing intelligence to the content planning process
Blueprint structures and strengthens your content plans with an AI-powered matching engine based on audience and content type as well as creative criteria. Review potential distribution partners and creative themes. Contextualize your performance with an overhead view of the content marketing industry.
Knotch Labs
Custom sessions to bolster your content efforts. Practical education, guest speakers, tangible results.